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We began operations in 2016 and are very excited to share FiftyFifteen Mariposa, a recently renovated vacation home with you, your family and friends. It's always been a dream of mine to have a very special and unique vacation rental home. My family has lived in Mariposa for more than 30 years. My father was a Sound Effects Editor but my inspiration came from my grandmother who grew up in Hollywood in the 1920's. As a young girl, it was not uncommon for her to knock on the door of a nearby movie star who might have spent that morning signing autographs while having breakfast. The staff would hand my grandmother an autographed picture. She gave me the ones she had left and copies of those are on the living room wall at FiftyFifteen. Those photographs and the stories she told me gave me my inspiration. I sincerely hope you enjoy every moment of your time at FiftyFifteen Mariposa.


Free Wi-Fi access; Smart TV (use your Netflix or Amazon accts) 

Blu-ray/DVD/CD player & large selection of movies/music

Coffee maker; Microwave; Dishwasher; Toaster;

Dishes; Glassware; Stainless; Pots & Pans;

Cooking/Serving Utensils;

BBQ (propane)

Lots of games and books for adults and kids

Extra linens & towels

Soap & shampoo

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